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Welcome to the first edition of the electronic newsletter of Heritage Europe. The Chronicle will keep you regularly informed of the activities, events and news of interest to Europe's historic cities, towns and regions.


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14 - 16 September 2011, Ravello, Italy.
CEC international conference -

"World Heritage at Risk - the economics of tangible and intangible heritage under threat". Launch of the conference series on Culture, Economics and Cities.

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Heritage Europe - A change of name

Heritage EuropeHeritage Europe was formed as
The European Association of Historic Towns and Regions (EAHTR) by the Council of Europe in 1999 as part of the initiative.

Europe - A Common Heritage

The simpler name Heritage Europe is part of a wider strategy to appeal to all organisations working with historic cities - and a name we hope is easier to remember!

This change was formally agreed by the EAHTR Bureau in October 2010. We will still, however, be known as the European Association of Historic Towns and Regions for all legal purposes.

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13-15 November 2011, Venice. International conference organised by UNESCO Venice office in collaboration with Venice International University

"The Future of Venice and its Lagoon in the context of Global Change"
Brian Smith, Secretary General of Heritage Europe will be chairing the session on 'world cities' on Tuesday 15th November.

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22-25 November 2011, Sintra, Portugal
. Organisation of World Heritage Cities (OWHC) World Congress "World Heritage Cities and Climate Change"

27 November - 2 December 2011, Paris. ICOMOS General Assembly and Symposium to be held at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris. Symposium "Heritage - Driver of Development"


Culture Programme Framework Agreement 2011 - 2013

Heritage Europe has recently secured funding from the EU Culture Programme under the Framework Partnership Agreement  2011 - 2013.

This should ensure our capability to carry out our work programme over the remainder of 2011 to develop interesting and worthwhile programmes for 2012 and 2013.


International Conference - "The Heritage of the City - the Future of Europe, new opportunities for Integrated Urban development"

Berlin 8th - 9th December 2011.

This major conference is being organised by the Federal German Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development. Heritage Europe's Secretary General Brian Smith is a member of the expert panel preparing for the conference to be held in Berlin 8th - 9th December 2011.

Further details on the conference programme will be posted on our website as soon as available.

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New Members Update

Heritage Europe continues its campaign to attract new members. We are pleased to welcome the City of Poitiers, France and the Municipality of Niksar, Turkey as full members of our association and look forward to their active participation in our work.


Poitiers, France Niksar, Turkey

HerO Project - Final reports now available.

HerO Project

HerO - "Heritage as Opportunity" was an Urbact II project looking at a methodology for a more integrated approach to the management of historic towns. In particular it showed how historic towns can benefit from EU structural funds. The project partners worked closely with Heritage Europe in the development and production of the final documents.

The 'Road to Success' reports now published provide details about the project (the HerO Brochure). Policy recommendations are aimed at the Mayors and decision makers of Europe's historic cities. The Guidebook shows how to deliver a more integrated approach to the sustainable management of historic towns and is aimed at practitioners. Flagship projects list successful projects that have attracted significant funding from the European Structural Funds and the Good Practice compilation sets out a wide range of case studies from the partner cities. Lastly the Strategy Paper aims to influence future EU policy presenting the case for more priority to be given to realising the untapped potential of cultural heritage in the period 2014 -2020.

Download your copies now - click on the individual reports here:

The HerO Brochure   The Policy Recommendations   The Guidebook
Flagship Projects   The Good Practice Compilation   The Strategy Paper

For more information on the HerO Project visit .

Printed versions of all documents are also available - please contact Barbara Buehler, HerO Project Manager at


European Heritage Alliance 3.3 Launched

Heritage Europe working with Europa Nostra and a wide range of European heritage organisations has agreed to participate in the newly formed European Heritage Alliance 3.3

Secretary General Brian Smith said, speaking at the conference in Amsterdam in June - "the time is now right for European heritage organisations to work together to ensure future EU policy reflects the needs of cultural heritage and historic towns".

A small working group including Heritage Europe will meet in Brussels on the 7th September 2011 to produce a strategy document to directly influence future EU policy on cultural and natural heritage.

As part of this new joint approach Heritage Europe is backing the campaign "we are more" launched by Culture Action Europe in partnership with the European Cultural Foundation. To give your support sign the campaign letter - click here

For more information on the newly formed alliance and the "we are more" campaign visit:

New Projects

Heritage Europe has been invited to be a partner in several European projects which have been submitted to the EU for funding and if successful will start in 2012:

HISTCAPE - An Interreg IVC project focussing on small historic towns in dispersed rural areas and the preservation of rural historic assets.

ENCLOSE - Under the IEE ( Intelligent Energy Europe) programme this project looks at energy efficient transport and logistics in medium sized historic towns.

PERHT - this project comes under the LIFE + 2011 programme "Environmental Policy and Governance". Aimed at small to medium sized historic towns it aims to look at issues related to transport (people and goods) and mobility in their historic urban centres.

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By working together you can help us represent the vital interests of European Historic Towns and Regions.

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Experience exchanges - Nominate a member of your team now!

We are inviting submissions from member cities to nominate one person to work on a key issue in another member city of your choice for a period of a week. All expenses will be paid in return for a short report on the lessons learned. Last year we supported a successful experience exchange between, Delft, Netherlands and Newcastle on Tyne, UK.

Visit to download the exchange visit reports.


New Association formed

Welcome to The Croatian Association of Historic Towns (HUPG)

The inauguration ceremony of the HUPG took place in Dubrovnik (below) on the 29th April. Heritage Europe's Secretary General was invited to give the welcoming speech to representatives of the member municipalities of this newly formed association. 20 historic and heritage towns have joined the association, and it is hoped that more will join. Heritage Europe looks forward to working closely with the association and with its member towns



Coming soon....

Working with Denmark

Heritage Europe are working with Danish NGO - Isager DK to plan a workshop of Danish Heritage organisations and historic towns in 2012. A preparatory meeting will take place later this year.

Survey of Historic Towns

Heritage Europe are preparing to carry out a major survey of European historic towns in 2012. This survey will analyse the key challenges currently facing Europe's historic towns and cities - essential information to facilitate policy development at the European and local levels; help link historic towns with similar problems to share their experiences and to form a sound basis for developing future European projects.


Historic Towns Working Together



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