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January 17-18 2013, London UK. E-Faith Industrial Heritage Conference "Going Underground: Travel beneath the Metropolis 1863-2013".
Conference to mark the 150th anniversary of the London Underground hosted by the centre of Metropolitan History, Institute of Historical Research, London University. The conference seeks to explore the past, present and future of the London Underground investigating its history, geography, culture, political and social characteristics.

Visit the website for more details

January 23, 2013. Brussels, Belgium. IEE (Intelligent Energy Europe) European Info Day.
The goal of the IEE Info Day is to help potential candidates to develop a good proposal under the EACI funded programme, and increase their chances to apply successfully. The aim is to help potential proposers to understand what is involved - for example, what is meant by a European dimension to the project, what is involved in being a project partner and multiplier within a project, what kind of dissemination activities really work in today's competitive market for attracting people's attention, etc.

Visit the website for more details.

Jan 24-25 2013 Lisbon, Portugal “Tourism in the Global South. Landscapes, Identities, and Development”
TPT.13 intends to meet new research ideas on the tourism impacts in the Global South, focusing on the construction and transformation of landscapes through tourism, on issues of identity friction and cultural change, and on the responsibility of tourism on poverty reduction and sustainable development.

Visit the website and go to "flyer" for further details.

March 11-13 2013, Berlin Germany. 8th European Annual Symposium EU Funds 2013.
"Transition to the next programming period 2014-2020".

The European Academy for Taxes, Economics and Law will be holding this European annual forum in Berlin which brings together EU funds experts from all over Europe. The symposium will focus on how to manage the transition to the next programming period 2014-2020.

For further information visit the website and go to events.

March 19-21 2013, Alytus Lithuania - HISTCAPE Project
The 4th Open Conference will be held in Alytus, Lithuania as part of the HISTCAPE project programme for 2013.

The conference details and programme will be posted on our website in the New Year.

Details will also be posted on the project website

April 26-27 2013, Bursa Turkey - European Museum Academy “Micheletti Award” ceremony and Bursa meeting.
The meeting, hosted by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality as the Turkish representative of the newly formed European Museum Academy, will include presentations and workshops focusing on the conservation of industrial heritage.

Click here for the draft programme

May 27-29 2013, Kos Greece. International Conference "Sustainable Development and Planning". The sixth International conference on Sustainable Development and Planning builds upon a series that started in 2003. Sustainable Development and Planning 2013 aims to bring together scientists and other stakeholders from across the globe to discuss the latest scientific advances in the field, as well as to seek and highlight developments in managerial strategies and assessment tools for policy and decision makers.

The conference, organised by Wessex Institute of Technology, UK addresses the subjects of regional development in an integrated way as well as in accordance with the principles of sustainability.

Visit the website for conference details.

November 18-20 2013, Milan Italy - International Conference “Built Heritage 2013 - Monitoring Conservation Management” The conference is being held as part of the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Politecnico di Milano, Centre for the Conservation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage.

This conference brings together university researchers, professionals and policy makers to illustrate and discuss the most pressing issues concerning the conservation of archaeological, architectural and urban landscapes.
See attached flyer.

View full details about the conference objectives, topics and submission of papers at:


Projects Update


This INTERREG IVC project focuses on small historic towns and the preservation of rural historic assets. Heritage Europe is one of 12 partners in this project representing 12 regions spread over 11 EU countries. The geographical spread will enable the project to address shared problems at local, regional, national and European levels.

The latest project meeting incorporating the 3rd Open Conference - Sustainable Heritage Management Solutions - workshops and study visit, was recently held in Greece on the 6-8 November hosted by project partner Region of Western Macedonia

You can keep up to date on the project’s progress at Histcape

"Join the Debate” contribute to the project discussions with other heritage experts and practitioners at LinkedIn and share your experience of good practice.

Download the brochure “Project Overview”.


An IEE (Intelligent Energy Europe) programme project looking at logistics problems facing small and medium size historic towns.Targeted actions are proposed to increase the energy efficiency of freight distribution in historic urban areas.

The project’s second meeting was recently held in Trondheim, Norway 13-15 November and further details will be posted on our website as soon as available.

The Norwegian partner is the national post office ‘Posten Norge’. The meeting saw at first hand some of the pilot measures already in place to help reduce CO2 emissions in the city centre through use of electric vehicles and carts for delivering letters and packages to both businesses and residents. The hand carts have been a great success with staff with no instances of absenteeism since their introduction.

For the project outline and partner list visit Enclose
For the latest project newsletter visit.

We are inviting historic towns who are interested in the project to join a special group of non partner cities. Contact us at EAHTR if you would like to contribute.


New project approved for funding. This project under the Life + 2011 programme “Environmental Policy and Governance” officially started in October 2012 and the first meeting took place in Treviso, Italy 22-23 October. Aimed at small to medium sized historic towns the project will look at issues related to transport (people and goods) and mobility in their historic urban centres.

The project outline can be found on our website EAHTR and go to “Projects”

International Fair “Restoration, Renovation and Cultural Heritage Preservation” recently took place in Antalya, Turkey 18-21 October which was attended by both our President and Secretary General, and President Louis Roppe moderated the session on the “Management of World Heritage Cities - examples from European Historic towns”. Secretary General Brian Smith gave a presentation on the HerO project “Heritage as Opportunity” followed by presentations from Heritage Europe member cities Dubrovnik and Valletta.

Click here for the presentation.

Study Visit 2013 - Poitiers, France

As part of our programme of study visits the City of Poitiers will host our 2013 visit which has provisionally been set for early June. The visit will look at various aspects of good practice in the sustainable management of such an historic city, and in particular will look at the regeneration and use of public spaces.

European Heritage Alliance 3.3

The document “Towards an EU Strategy for Cultural Heritage - The Case for Research”, prepared by Heritage Europe’s Secretary General Brian Smith in collaboration with the EHA working group on behalf of the Alliance, was presented to the European Commission’s acting Director - Culture & Media, Xavier Troussard at a meeting held in Brussels on the 24th September 2012. The acting Director was pleased that the Alliance had been formed and supportive of the work it was doing and felt that the time was right for a sectoral strategy on cultural heritage. This is something the Alliance will progress over the coming months. The meeting also considered how best to progress an analysis of current data on the benefits of cultural heritage, and concluded that a new project could be considered under the Culture Programme Strand 3.2 - see below.

New Project - “Cultural Heritage Counts for Europe” The EHA 3.3 strategy paper has formed the basis for this new project which was recently submitted by project partners Europa Nostra, Heritage Europe, ENCATC, ICC, RLICC, plus Heritage Alliance, UK as an associate partner to the EACEA Culture Programme under its Strand 3.2. The project will gather, analyse, consolidate and widely disseminate the existing data on the impact of cultural heritage on society and the economy. An important output will be the European mapping of the evidence-based research that has already been carried out at the European, national, regional, local and/or sectoral levels. The project aims to raise greater awareness on the multiple benefits of cultural heritage and present policy recommendations for tapping into the full potential of heritage.

The project’s duration is 2 years, and if successful in its funding bid is scheduled to start in July 2013.

Creative Europe - update on the new EU funding programme for the cultural and creative sectors which will replace the existing Culture Programme in 2014.

On the 17 September, MEP Silva Costa, Rapporteur of the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education on the Creative Europe Programme proposal, presented her draft Report on the proposed programme.

MEP Costa proposed to add the safeguarding and enhancing of Europe’s cultural heritage as a separate objective within the general objectives of Creative Europe, as strongly advocated by members of the European Heritage Alliance 3.3.

The European Parliament’s Culture and Education Committee voted on the amendments on 27th November. More information can be found at Creative Europe

Click here for the EU Commission’s communication on Creative Europe sent to the European Parliament, Council of Europe, Committee of the Regions, and the European Economic and Social Committee.

Further updates will be posted on our website EAHTR

EU - China Mayors Forum. As part of the EU 2012 “Year of Intercultural Dialogue” the EU-China Mayors’ Forum was held on 19 and 20 September 2012 in Brussels and was the first annual flagship event of the EU-China Urbanisation Partnership. It brought together EU and Chinese Mayors, local decision-makers, city planners, business and NGOs to share experience in moving towards sustainable, integrated and efficient solutions.

Heritage Europe’s Secretary General Brian Smith gave a presentation on “The importance of cities ‘Investing in Heritage’ as a catalyst for regeneration” outlining the EU funded INHERIT project. The presentation was part of an information session ‘Cultural heritage as a key resource for the sustainable development of our cities’

Click here for the presentation.

Danish Network - update.

The meeting with Danish cultural heritage NGOs and representatives of the Municipality of Odense took place on the 5th September in the historic Odense castle. The meeting was aimed at exploring ways of future collaborative working with both Danish municipalities and cultural heritage NGOs and the setting up of a “Danish Chapter” within Heritage Europe.

The meeting included a comprehensive visit of the city where we were shown examples of regeneration projects and re-use of historic buildings.

Our thanks go to the Municipality of Odense for hosting the event and to Isager Arkitekter for organising the visit.

Visit report

Experience Exchange 2012 - update. Our programme of experience exchanges continued in 2012 with an exchange between representatives of the historic town of Sighisoara, Romania and the towns of Skofja Loka and Kranj, Slovenia.

Nominate a member of your team now! We are inviting submissions from member cities to nominate one person to work on a key issue in another member city of your choice for a period of up to 1 week. All expenses will be paid in return for a short report on

New members

Our campaign to attract new members continues to bear fruit and Heritage Europe is pleased to officially
welcome Korcula, Croatia; Pula, Croatia and Vukovar, Croatia as full members, and we look forward to their active participation in our work. We also hope to welcome the Region of Tambov, Russia as a full member in the near future.


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